Recording rant, Part 2

Recording rant, part 2:

Okay, you may recall that I was whining and grumping about recording technology just over a week ago.

So, having spent a bit of time upgrading to Windows 10, *and* digging down into the slightly more arcane aspects of this, I have managed to get it more into the realms of “working”. For those of you who care, this involved working out which software was trying to work at 44100Hz, and therefore arguing with another bit of software trying to work at 48KHz. Also realising that although I had explicitly disabled the onboard sound hardware, it jumped onto the ASIO driver bandwagon, and was highly active and hijacking input and output.

What else? Oh yeah… one mic that works fine with the Boss digital recorder whines worse than me, when it’s plugged into the Alpha audio interface – pity, because it’s the better of the “decent” mics I have, but there it is. Anything else? Well, now that I can get it working, I am on the learning curve proper. Things that I listened to last week, and thought were “OK” now sound rough and clunky. And I know that things I have done today will sound hamfisted and awkward two weeks from now.

With that in mind, I have uploaded a new version of the song “Nothing To Hide” to Reverbnation. If you want to do the comparison between last week/thisweek, have a listen to the two versions that are up on Reverbnation:
new version –…/song/24071362-nothing-to-hide

old version –


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