Rage Talking Blues

Rage Talking Blues

by Steven Clark

I’m reading the paper and watching TV
Getting angrier and angrier ’bout what I see.
when I hear what the government has in store
Makes me angry, just a little bit more
You might not be able to tell
But I’m spitting teeth and I’m mad as hell
My blood is boiling, I’m filled with rage
And that’s not good.. for a man.. my age.
A mature man
A… big-boned man.
A man with a family history of heart attacks.

So, acting on medical advice
I’m taking it easy, playing nice
Not going to shout and not going to swear
You might even think that I don’t care
But don’t be fooled or be misled
Just tryin not to end up dead
From a coronary…
or a stroke…
Or a fit of apoplectic fury

I’ll tell you what’s making me curse
This government goes from bad to worse
Millionaires who have no shame
And know exactly who to blame
They say it’s not the banking breed
Not their arrogance, not their greed
So they try to distract us with a fable
about the unemployed and the disabled
get them back to work…
If there were any jobs…
Shit, I feel my blood pressure rising

Jeremy Hunt at the NHS?
After Murdoch, Olympics and G4S?
When it all went wrong and all went crazy
called in the army and the navy
Likes homeopathy, looks a tit
He’s a privatising Tory git
Looks like a fanny, but that’s a front
Wolf in sheepskin – that’s Jeremy Hunt
Yeah I know..
You thought…
I was going somewhere else with that rhyme

I could go on and on, if I don’t die
and detail all the reasons why
We can’t submit, can take no more
Must kick these buggers out the door
Or through a window, nice and high
See if they know how to fly
We’re the people, we’re their masters
These avaricious Tory bastards
Remind them who they should be serving
Before there’s nothing worth preserving
Exultation of larks or a murder of crows,
We know the name for a collection of those
What about a bunch of them?
Tory wasters and Lib Dems?
I know…
I have the answer…
They’re just bunch of …




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